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AML Compliance: Striking the Right Balance

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Robust anti-financial crime structures are essential for a safe financial system. However, poorly designed or implemented anti-financial crime requirements can quickly become over-bearing and fail the cost-benefit test. As Malta emerges from FATF greylisting and looks to the future, there’s a need for the local business and regulatory community to discuss ways of ensuring that business is both legitimate as well as sustainable. To address this need, leading Maltese compliance consultancy Shoulder Compliance is organising a training and debate event, focusing on the theme of “AML Compliance: Striking the Right Balance”. The event will include presentations by experts in the AML/CFT sphere, and a debate by a number of local and international expert industry voices, focusing on the challenges of creating an AML/CFT system that effectively mitigates financial crime risk without unduly burdening good actors with procedural burdens. The event will be hosted and moderated by popular podcast host Jon Mallia.