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Malta International Organ Festival 2019

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Friday 22nd November - 19:30
Opening Concert - Pomp & Splendor - Organ & Brass
Marco D'Avola (Italy) - Organ & Fanfare Brass Ensemble from Teatro Bellini of Catania under the direction of Simone Valeri (Italy)
St. Paul's Anglican Pro-Cathedral, Valletta - €20

Saturday 23rd November - 19:30
Organ & Alphorn
Francesco Di Lernia (Italy) - Organ & Carlo Torlontano (Italy) - Alphorn
St Mary Magdalene Church, Valletta - €15

Sunday 24th November - 19.00
J.S. Bach's Cantata 'Ich Habe Genug' BWV 82
Stefano Molardi (Italy) - Conductor/Organ & Joseph Lia (Malta) - Baritone
St Mary's Parish Church, Gudja - €15

Sunday 1st December - 20:00
Baroque Music - Organ & Oboe
Elena Sartori (Italy) - Organ & Sandro Gori (Italy) - Oboe
St Mary Parish Church, Qrendi - €15

Thursday 5th December - 19:30
Organ & Clarinet Recital
Mariano Meloni (Italy) - Organ & Antonio Puglia (Italy) - Clarinet
San Girgor Church, Zejtun - €15

Block Ticket: €70 - includes also VIP seating for the last concert - Missa Mundi at St John's Co-Cathedral.

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All other concerts are free of charge and do not require a ticket. A donation towards the festival will be appreciated.

Ticket hotline: +356 79409064