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Certified Male

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Alan Montanaro, Alan Paris, Stephen Oliver and Joseph Zammit star in the international smash hit comedy, Certified Male.

Four executives leave their comfortable office at short notice and set off to an exotic destination for a weekend think-tank about the company’s new merger deal.

But all manner of hilarious surprises and mishaps await them in this island paradise and one of them is not coming back to work on Monday.

“Certified Male is a crash course in performance styles. It is not enough that this sterling male quartet has to act and sing. They also have to create worlds and objects from nothing. It is the physicality of this work, fused with clever writing that is the clincher” THE INDEPENDENT, UK.

With an on-stage piano player accompanying the actors, the result is a fast-paced send up of how men think that will have you in stitches - yet underneath the hilarity lie a number of deeper and ever-relevant themes on modern manhood.

Certified Male is not only extremely funny but touching as well. Do yourself a favour, book now and self-indulge.