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The Other Door - by Moveo Dance Company

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"Welcome to E D E N - to heaven on earth.
A playground of freedom where you might give birth,
To hope and to love and above all to yourself..."

"...come and join the wonders of EDEN."

Imagine a group of people being invited to a place with a specific vision: living and relating with each other without any judgment - in playfulness, empathy and respect. Not having to give up their uniqueness - their Otherness - neither their longing for connection. The theory so far… But are we really able to cope with this utopian vision? What are we willing to sacrifice for it? And: Is our heart really wide enough?

Stepping through The Other Door grants us the liberty of experimenting with our identity – a space to be ourselves. The body is the blank page on which society etches its constructed texts – how we think, how we behave and what we accept as the norm.