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Quest Game- Around the world in 180 minutes

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How adventurous are you?

Our Quest game #5 "Around the world in 180 minutes" is for super adventurous, easy going people who are as fast as the wind and have no fear to challenge everything!

You will set out on a dangerous journey only to win a bet and prove that there is nothing impossible for someone who is ready to go the extra mile. Enemies are busy building traps for you and villains are inventing insidious plans to stand in your way, but a true traveller reaches his destination no matter what it takes.

Ready to embrace the new challenge and fly around the world in 180 minutes? Then full speed ahead.

Starting point: Ta'Qali National Park (parking)

Previous registration is required.

Tickets: 20 euros/adult, or 60 euro/team up to 4 people

Attention!This Game will be at night!
Don't forget the flashlights!!
You will need: a car with fuel, a team (at least 2 people in the car), mobile phone with internet. Kindly wear a comfortable clothes and shoes depends of the weather condition as the locations may include countryside and mountainous areas.