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Prodigal's Journey

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Prodigal’s Journey: Life in a small town is shaken up when a husband suddenly forsakes his loving wife and daughter and leaves with the desire to be free and find enjoyment and fulfilment in life. Heartbroken, the wife and daughter struggle to forgive him and eagerly await his return. The journey that the husband thought would bring pleasure ends up producing only sorrow and regret. After reaching the “dead-end” of a lifetime, the husband returns home to ask forgiveness from his family- and he is received with open arms. A touching tale of forgiveness and restoration set to a mélange of classical ballet, jazz, modern and even some swing dance! Experience the power of restoration as the Prodigal journeys home.

About The Company
Ballet Magnificat was founded in 1986 by International Ballet Competition medallist, Kathy Thibodeaux. Since then, the Jackson Mississippi based professional company boasts two professional touring companies, pre professional training program, and a school of Arts. The Company attracts dancers from throughout the United States, as well as across the world. Ballet Magnificat performs only unique works, Choreographed by resident choreographer, Jiri Sebastian Voborsky. The Washington Post’s Pulitzer winning journalist, Sarah Kauffman describes Ballet Magnificat as ….sublime beauty…height of professionalism. She goes onto say, There’s no denying the emotional power of the company. These dancers have a kind of lit-from within presence rarely seen outside premier companies, and even there the radiant projection of feeling can be spotty. It may be an exaggeration to say that Ballet Magnificat is single handily keeping the fading narrative tradition of ballet alive, but I don’t know of any other company that exclusively performs original works, most of them full length story ballets. Ballet Magnificat dancers live their ballets…” Since 1986, the company has performed in 48 states, as well as over 35 countries worldwide. This year will mark Ballet Magnificat’s first time on the island of Malta.